Bluegold GRC Advisor™: Enhanced GRC for SAP Environments

Purchasing, implementing, and maintaining an enterprise GRC solution is challenging and expensive for most organizations. Traditional implementation costs can be up to three times the software itself, often leading to projects on hold or even permanent cases of shelfware. Once approval is secured, it’s often necessary to engage expert consultants continuously throughout the project's lifecycle; this results in very high costs and a lack of critical documentation and institutional knowledge—of best practices, processes, training, and overall internal understanding of the organization’s GRC program.

Bluegold GRC Advisor Saves Time and Money

Our latest solution, Bluegold GRC Advisor, is designed to help SAP customers and companies that are considering an SAP solution for GRC to reduce the cost, time, and resources necessary to implement and manage a comprehensive governance, risk and compliance program. Bluegold GRC Advisor empowers customers to own their GRC program as they do other mission-critical elements of their business.

Bluegold GRC Advisor is available with several do-it-yourself (DIY) and supported options for the implementation of GRC solutions in SAP environments and the management of GRC-related processes. It enables customers to define and track critical GRC projects, and then execute them with pre-delivered business process templates and best practice-based guided procedures, without costly, traditional implementation approaches. In addition, Bluegold GRC Advisor helps train users on GRC solutions, documents procedures and processes, and delivers a rich knowledge base that is customizable and expandable.

Key Benefits of Bluegold GRC Advisor

  • Accelerates the implementation of GRC solutions from SAP by up to 30%
  • Reduces the costs of typical implementation and post-implementation by up to 50%, thereby helping you to get budget approval
  • Establishes a rich knowledge base that endures internal staff transfers and outside consultants
  • Driven by your business processes thereby increasing adoption and minimizing disruption to your proven practices
  • Mitigates risk by automating critical GRC procedures and deliverables that might otherwise be overlooked
  • Provides ongoing expert advice so that your GRC program improves continuously

Three Pricing Levels to Meet Every Need

We offer Bluegold GRC Advisor as a do-it-yourself (DIY) solution with remote support, a DIY solution with on-site support for the initial proof-of-concept, and as a fully supported solution for organizations that do not have adequate internal resources to manage it on their own. Learn more about our consulting services.

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