GRC Consulting Services

Bluegold consults companies on SAP in a flexible manner to accommodate a broad range of objectives, requirements and internal skill sets. As a result, our consulting is highly cost-effective and targeted for each customer’s needs. Our consultants are highly experienced and use our real world proven methodology, tools, best practice guidance, and a valuable knowledge base that enables fast and correct implementation.

We offer three types of consulting that collectively provide an end-to-end solution covering project management, process design and documentation, application configuration and testing, training, knowledge base development, and go-live support.

GRC Consulting Levels

  • Guided Consulting is designed for customers who have the in-house skill-set to manage GRC deployments on their own. Guided Consulting is ideal if you are upgrading from an older version of GRC solutions from SAP.

  • Guided Plus Consulting is designed for customers who need onsite help for initial POC and can manage the project on their own afterwards. Guided Plus Consulting is designed for new customers of GRC solutions from SAP who are implementing their solution for the first time.

  • Conventional Consulting is designed for customers who prefer the comprehensive care offered by a traditional, full-time consultant who works onsite or remotely as appropriate.

Contact Us

To learn more about our GRC consulting services, please contact us. One of our GRC experts will be glad to talk about your business objectives and how Bluegold can help.